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Poster: richardsur Date: Apr 13, 2006 9:54pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Automatic generation of real player (rm) files?

Have you tried MPlayer ( or VideoLAN ( Both programs are free, can handle MP4, can play full-screen, and are faster and less bloated than Real Player.

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Poster: JeffT Date: Apr 13, 2006 10:35pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Automatic generation of real player (rm) files?

Two things: first, these other products (MPlayer and VideoLAN) are not listed when a user clicks on the "help" link next to the "Stream" section of an item. The help says streaming can be done by RealPlayer and that Quicktime is required for mp4. Most people will just follow that and now know about the other products.

Second: It's not obvious how to use these products to stream mp4 files. VideoLAN: I downloaded it and installed it. Following the instructions (in, I tried to open a network stream to an mp4 file. Link I was trying to open was:

I could never get it to play. Also, when I installed VideoLan, there was no option (that I saw) for integrating with the browser so that clicking on a .mp4 stream link would automatically open the VideoLan app, the way a RealPlayer stream is opened when clicking on a real stream link.

With MPlayer, it's not clear what should be downloaded for a Windows platform. Official releases all seem to be sources. Looks to me like the binaries are contributed by third parties and there are many to choose from. I can't expect a general user who wants to view my streaming content to build the MPlayer app from sources or figure out which of many binaries to install.

Contrasts the above with RealPlayer. With RealPlayer, the user clicks on the Help link, reads that RealPlayer is used for streaming. Then they click on the RealPlayer stream, it starts, and they see the Video, in full screen mode if they wish. *Much* easier.

That's why I'd like RealPlayer streams to be automatically generated if possible.